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  1. CATIA2ProE
  2. UG2XML(Lblock)
  3. XML2ABAQUS(Lblock)
  4. UG2XML(Ymodel)
  5. XML2ABAQUS(Ymodel)

  • YouTube : iCAD channel
  1. Design History Exchange between TransCAD-based CATIA and heterogeneous CAD system
  2. Develop TransCAD-based translator for data conversion between UG NX and other CAD systems
  3. Define assembly instruction for translation of parametric CAD models
  4. TransCAD, Neutral system for exchanging parametric CAD model : Interface implementation status
  5. Web-based procedural 3D model exchange using X3DOM : Web TransCAD

Standard Documentations

  1. Commands Naming Rules
  2. Commands Korean Specification
  3. Commands English Specification
  4. Commands XML Schema
  5. Commands Explanation with Pictures
  6. Commands EXPRESS Schema
  7. Commands List

Administrative stuffs

  1. Macro History 2010/07/
  2. Issue_log 2010/07
  3. KAIST Test Case_Modeling Spec
  4. CHAPS Test Case_Modeling Spec