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Our Catia Translator development team is aiming to develop translators that allow users of Catia to use models designed by other CAD users or to use other models designed by Catia users. To do this, it is necessary to exchange data with TransCAD, a comprehensive CAD translator through the script of Catia, and develop Macro that automatically mapping each command and parameter in the Catia script to the TransCAD.


Our CATIA translator development team is divided into parts and assemblies of CAD model and develops pre-process and post process respectively.

 Part Model Translator


The above figure is the GUI for the Part Model Translator that is currently being developed. It is an interface developed to test the Pre / Post Process related to Catia in development stage.This will be added / modified at any time to suit the purpose of use Currently, we provide an Macro mode for converting Catia scripts and API mode for converting Catia part files.

Pre-post Process Class Diagram

Pre Process Class Diagram
Post Process Class Diagram

 Assembly Translator Uploading.

Test Rally

The Catia Translator development team regularly conducts a test rally through cooperation with 4 other teams with a unique model developed and selected by iCAD Lab..

 Process of Test Rally Part Model :

 Result of Test Rally(Update 2017.07.28) Part Model :

K Series Test Rally_Pre(CATIA)
K Series Test Rally_Post(CATIA)

Current Team Member

Team Leader : Imgyu Kim

Team Member : HyunCheol Kim, ChiHo Noh:

History of the CATIA translator

Team Develop Environment

Software : Windows 10 64bit
           Visual Studio 2015, 
           CATIA V5R21, 
           TransCAD 6.2
Language : C++, C#


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