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TransCAD ver. 6.1.2 ::
release date _ 2018.01.03


TransCAD is a 3D CAD model translator with MPA(Macro parametrics approach) between commercial CAD systems.

MPA is a methodology of exchange of model data between CAD systems using macro file, wich is modeling commands set of each commercial CAD system.

TransCAD Git repository


  • Development Environment

OS: Windows

Compilier: Visual Studio 2010

Language: C++

Compiling TransCAD requires ACIS and HOOPS of SPATIAL. ACIS and HOOPS are a commercial library. However, if you are students or educators in university, you can use ACIS and HOOPS freely.

In this section, we assume that you already have ACIS and HOOPS license. To compile TransCAD, you should use specific version of ACIS and HOOPS.

ACIS : version R25

HOOPS : version 1919

  • Step 1.

Download ACIS and HOOPS library and extract them

  • Step 2.

Add environment variables


Variable name: A3DT

Variable location: yourPath\acisR25


Variable name: HOOPS_INSTALL_DIR

Variable location: yourPath\HOOPS-1919_VS_2010

  • Step 3.

Add variable locations to Path







  • Step 4. Download an additional files

Download Here

Extract to TransCAD source code folder

The folder structure is shown below.





  • Step 5. Building TransCAD
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