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  • Electronics : MS Lee of Samsung: Hiroshi Murayama of Toshiba Japan
  • Automotive : Sooil Ju of Hyundai: Max Ungerer of ProSTEP Germany
  • Data quality : Sungjoon Lim of Database Agency: Timothy King of LSC UK
  • Construction : YS Jeong of GS E&C: Thomas Liebich of AEC3 Germany
  • Nuclear : YW Chong of KHNP: Hajer Chouiref of EDF France
  • Shipbuilding : SU Chun of DSME: Nils Sandmark of PCA Norway

Schedule outline

  • Morning: Presentation of Korean industries: 6 Industries* 30 min = 3 hrs
  • Afternoon: panel discussion with SC4 experts: Morning presenters, 6 SC4 experts* 10 min presentations
  • Representatives of booth providers: 10 min presentations
  • Booth providers: TBD

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ISO TC184/SC4 standards

Standards Number Title
STEP ISO 10303 Standard for the exchange of product model data
Process Plants ISO 15926 Integration of Life-cycle Data for Oil and Gas Production
PLIB ISO 13584 Parts Library
MANDATE ISO 15531 Industrial manufacturing management data exchange
IFC ISO 16739 Industry Foundation Class
PSL ISO 18629 Process specification language
IIDEAS ISO 18876 Integration of industrial data for exchange, access, and sharing
EXPRESS ISO 20303 Information modeling language
OTD ISO 22745 Open Technical Dictionary
Data quality ISO 8000- Data quality - Catalogue management systems -- Requirements

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